BNY - Call for Facilitators


BNY - Call for Facilitators

Venue: Metlika, Slovenia

Start: 24th September 2021

End: 29th September 2021

No. of working days: 6 (excluding travel days)

Deadline: 26th August 2021

The Project:

Brave New YOU - Reloaded aims at building capacities and trust among different youth communities to co-create together a more inclusive and open-minded Europe.

The project tackles the issues of hate speech and lack of participation of youth communities experiencing discrimination and exclusion. Through a process of capacity building, local and international activities, our youth workers, and youth organisations will develop competencies for reaching out to disadvantaged youngsters and communities. The project will empower these young people to become community leaders, to identify and deconstruct hateful narratives, and build more inclusive narratives for their communities.

Description of the event:

YEU International is opening a call for 5 facilitators for “Brave New You - Reloaded” youth exchange. The youth exchange will be held in Metlika, Slovenia between the 24th and 29th of September.

The youth exchange will serve for young people to test and analyse the tools and approaches developed during the project. These products were previously developed according to the input from partner organisations and their young people and youth workers, and address the topics of: 

  • Prejudice and discrimination against Roma people
  • Gender based violence
  • Homophobia and Transphobia
  • Stereotypes and prejudice against rural youth
  • Racism and racial discrimination 
  • Ethnic stereotyping and segregation
  • NEET
  • Pollution and climate crisis
  • Prejudice and discrimination against refugees and immigrants


During the event, young people will provide their feedback on the applicability of the tools in different contexts and start developing their recommendations on how to improve or adjust them, which will then be taken into account and will help experts in further adaptation of the tools and approaches.

The tools and approaches are mostly developed in the form of NFE activities that need to be incorporated in the youth exchange programme and adjusted to be either (preferably) experientially tested or reviewed by participants.

If selected, all the details including YEU Golden rules, YEU Code of Conduct, deadlines, tasks, and conditions will be stated in the contract between facilitators and YEU. Travel costs within travel costs limits and visa costs (if any) are covered by YEU 100%.

Additional information:

The profile of facilitator:

• Have some knowledge of methods and methodologies used in international activities with young people and the commitment necessary for achieving the objectives and producing the outcomes.

• Have a basic understanding of inclusion, volunteering, youth work and intercultural dialogue.

• Have a basic understanding of intercultural learning and non-formal education.

• Able to facilitate a session on a training course, seminar, youth exchange, or other.

• Has taken part in the planning and implementation of educational activities.


Responsibilities of the Facilitator:

• To have regular online meetings and maintain frequent communication with other facilitators and the project coordinator in order to plan the youth exchange;

• To help develop in cooperation with the senior trainer the latest version of the daily programme latest 2 weeks before the youth exchange;

• To develop the relevant session outlines the latest 2 weeks before the youth exchange;

• To be present at the youth exchange and implement their tasks in a collective and responsible way;

• To have daily evaluation with the project coordinator during the youth exchange;

• To help prepare a final report which needs to be submitted to the project coordinator latest 3 weeks after the youth exchange;

• To closely follow up the developments within the processes.

Financial matters:

Fee for the facilitator is 50 EUR per day, a gross amount. We are foreseeing 6 working days in total.


If you are interested, please apply here, no later than 26th August 2021.