How do young people imagine the future of Europe?


During our last online exchange "BRAVE NEW YOU-RELOADED", which aims to build trust between different youth communities - bring them together locally and internationally, work together to create a more inclusive and open Europe, we asked our participants. "What do you think, what Europe should be? And how do you think it would be possible to build such a Europe? ”

“I think it would help us, in terms of prosperity and development, to be more open-minded, more listening, more empathetic and open to new experiences outside our comfort zone. In my opinion, this is already partly happening in such projects, but it would certainly help to make the groups that are most segregated or marginalized more integrated and active, e.g. through community centers, workshops in which these groups would teach others something, something in the style of "tedtalks", where we would listen to various stories, experiences and then elaboration and discussion on the topic."

- Kristina

“Open to everyone and anyone who wants to live a better life. We should build a barrier against extremism, spread tolerance and enlightenment about other cultures, ideas, religions and sexual orientations. "

- Vlastimil

"Europe should be friendly, understanding, willing to help and willing to take anyone without distinction under its wing. It is possible to make a mini guide, not on how to get rid of prejudices, but on making people aware of those prejudices and know how to work with them. ”

- Bianka

"Europe should be about unlimited possibilities, for everyone, not just people with privileged positions (which I consider myself). Everyone should have the same starting line so that it is our abilities and dreams that define us, not what environment we come from. I think that the most important thing to achieve the same starting line is education and perhaps even more so access to education. Whether we are talking about tools for primary and secondary schools or internet connection and devices (tablet computer) for older students. By expanding community centers, we might be able to achieve such help, in the form of a homework environment, help from "educators" either with the curriculum or how to deal with the Internet or the computer. "

- Kristina

"Europe should be a place for people to live in a way that is just and respectful of the lives of others. Europe itself is very beautiful. I think Europeans are also pretty good people. But there are exceptions that do not respect other lives. If this is fulfilled, everything will be as it should be.

Different campaigns, trainings or events on different topics - discrimination (Roma, homosexuals, immigrants,…), politics, financial literacy, language courses,… ”

- Joseph

"Europe should be a Tolerant-Equal-Empathetic-United-Open-Vigorous against discrimination. By educating people: non-formal learning activities such as theater of the oppressed or by organizing discussions / webinars with people whose lives are affected by the problem, etc., raising awareness within local communities that these problems also affect them and occur in them. ”

- Barbora

So what do you think? What do you think Europe should be like? And how do you think it would be possible to build such a Europe in your opinion?