MELANIA, 17 yo, Kumanovo (North Macedonia)


From this project first of all I learned that we are all different and that is not a bad thing.

Тhat's actually great. It is not just about being different, the point is that we need to learn from each other, we need to learn about other cultures, about other religions.

And we also need to show others what we love, what our culture is, what our tradition etc.

The most interesting part of the project? I could not decide for one, because there were too many interesting moments and all of them were very interesting and in all of them we learn new things, met new people.

And I think that maybe that is the best thing. Because personally I have never had a friend of a different nationality before and now I have so much of them.

And that is so interesting because you meet different people and they have different cultures, different opinions.

And that's the most interesting part of the project for me.