PAULA, 26 yo, Erfurt (GERMANY)


My name is Paula, I am 26 years old, and I live here in Erfurt.

What I learnt thanks to the BNY Project was to grow beyond my own limitations because I am shy. So I set myself new challenges and hope to succeed.

The organization of events or to approach others and that a small idea can also become something bigger; that has the project really showed me. Our first film was also a very interesting moment as it was something new and exciting and all digital. That way It was an evening full of discussion about racism. That was very enriching for everyone. In my opinion, the main goals of the project are to reach many people about the topics that we are dealing with, to have exchanges about these topics and therefore, to learn a lot oneself. The competencies I developed are awareness for my self and for others as well as about diversity.