Hate speech against LGBTQI+ people can have a real-life impact in people’s lives.

In BNY young, queer & here opened a discussion to the community to talk on how we can come together to create narratives that chane the attitude of aggressions ajd protect the victim of hate speech. LGBTQI+ people are particularly affected by many forms of hate spech, such as micro-aggressions that do doamage daily, often because acknoledging these aggressions on asking for help means “coming-out” in an environment that is not safe.

In this discussion, the audience shared their personal stories and we heard how different people have different experiences and find different mechanisms.

Two aspects that we agreed on are that:

1) hate speech is affecing youngsters and people, being often ??? into social behaviours; and

2) that we need to proactively create tools and narratives to change these behaviours, without forgetting to include youth.