Past edition

The vision behind the "Brave New YOU - Breaking the glass ceiling" is a tolerant and open-minded society that perceives its differences as enriching power and distinctive advantage. Reaching out, getting together, challenging old and creating and disseminating new narratives for more inclusive Europe: this is "Brave new YOU". The main aim of the project was empowering youth workers to support social cohesion and creation of equal opportunities for young people from different backgrounds, by questioning current and creating new narratives for a more inclusive Europe. "Brave New YOU - Breaking the glass ceiling" gathered youth workers to share their experiences, evaluate the process, and finalise a publication with examples of good practices. The publication "We Can! Manual: Taking Action against Hate Speech through Counter and Alternative Narratives" includes all the new approaches, methodologies, exercises and activities made by participants and facilitators during the whole process.

The project Brave New YOU - Breaking the glass ceiling has been funded by European Youth Foundation and Erasmus+ programme.


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