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BNY - Call for Facilitators

YEU International is opening a call for 5 facilitators for “Brave New You - Reloaded” youth exchange. The youth exchange will be held in Metlika, Slovenia between the 24th and 29th of September.

1000 summer jobs for Stockholm's young people also this summer

When several thousand summer jobs were canceled last year due to the pandemic, the City of Stockholm went out with a procurement, which meant that Fryshuset together with several partners could offer 1000 young people in the Stockholm area summer jobs


At the beginning of June, we visited our high school on project days in Marindol. Gymnasium students were eager to learn some new things about our society and had no idea what we had prepared for them.


Within the international “Brave New You“ project locally carried out by Culture Goes Europe e.V. a whole month full of events themed #ComeTogether was organized.


When I wore my Hijab I was exposed to verbal and physical hate crimes. I always felt like a target and since then I never felt safe in my society. I got tired of always having to be scared as soon as I left my front door, so when I was 16 I started my own association called "YOUNG AND SAFE". 

The impact of Covid-19 on high school students in Sweden

The quick spreading virus has been extra hard on the youth world-wide, turning online school into the default. Fryshuset has, through a nationwide survey, looked at how the pandemic has impacted high school age teenagers as well as young adults throughout Sweden.

Brave New YOU - Reloaded! : Youth Exchange

Brave New YOU - Reloaded will bring communities closer by building trust between different groups of young people as well as capacities to become active agenda-setters and actors for change