AISHA, 15 yo, Örebro (Sweden)


Hi, my name is Aisha Mohammed I am 15 years old and born and raised here in Örebro. But I'm originally from Somalia.

I have had the opportunity to take part in the Brave New You Project which deals with the important social issues we have and to hear young people's thoughts and stories about what they think about it.

I think this has been very interesting because I have heard what other young people from Vivalla think and I feel that they are right about me, a lot of what they say I have experienced or can agree with, but especially one that I felt was very much in tune with me. It was talking about marginalization.

The last six years when I have been in elementary school in a Swedish school, I have felt a lot of exclusion as I have been among the only black people in my entire class and for a period I was the only black person in the whole grade. I was not part of the class,I felt excluded and the teachers did not see that I was excluded by the students. I got a lot of questions from others, why do you have darker skin than we have? Why is your hair curly? Mom doesn't let me be with you because you're black. I was in 4th grade I didn't know how to handle it. Primary school should be a memory everyone should enjoy and able to remember and have good memories from. But I feel like I won't have it, going forward.

I think the issue of exclusion and marginalization should be raised more at school and outside the school. Projects that Ubah and Hani do (BNY) I think should be more spread. It’s important to hear what other people have to say. That's why I'm looking forward to meeting other young people and hearing what they have to say. See if they've been through the same thing as me. Because I feel very lonely in this, I have no one to talk to about this. Going forward, I feel like it's a very good thing they do, I'm going to hear other people's experiences. Maybe get other ideas and solutions. Think this is a great thing and are excited to keep going with them.