The project gathers 11 partners from 10 countries around Europe with expertise in working with diverse groups of youngsters from disadvantaged and marginalised areas and providing space for their participation. The coordinating partner is Youth for Exchange and Understanding, based in Belgium.

At the local level, the partners around Europe (north: Sweden, Estonia; west: Germany; central: Slovakia, Slovenia; south: North Macedonia, Italy, Portugal, Greece) will work with youth in disadvantaged neighbourhoods – those young people who feel invisible, unheard or unloved, with no hope for the future and no tools to influence their own development or the development of their communities.

At the European level, OBESSU and YEU will voice up young people from schools, youth organisations and informal groups. By communicating youngsters' needs and passions to decision-makers, they will be involved in the development of new tools and approaches to make young people more active, visible and heard around Europe.


ActionAid Italia

ActionAid is an international organization working in Italy and in 45 countries worldwide to defeat poverty and injustice. It has been working for a fair and just world with people, communities and groups for over 40 years to achieve sustainable and lasting change and increase social equity. Its mission is to put people at the centre, so that they can claim their rights, creating spaces for democratic participation in communities wherever they may be, from the Italian suburbs to the smallest Indian villages.

ADEL Slovakia

ADEL Slovakia implements diverse projects, training, youth exchanges and other educational activities, and cooperates with a wide network of institutions, organising events and conducting research and analysis at local, national and international levels.

ADEL covers a broad range of topics from youth participation, intercultural dialogue, active citizenship to entrepreneurship, sport, healthy lifestyle, peace-building, but also art and culture. All projects and activities are based on the approaches of non-formal education, experiential and intercultural learning, social inclusion and active participation.

Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID)

Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) is a civil society organization working to promote intercultural acceptance and active citizenship through capacity building processes, education and youth work. The organization’s activity focuses on many aspects which are of interest for young people: from the provision of services and information to research and support for policy-making and networking.

CID is working to create diverse responsible and cooperative communities where citizens are actively contributing to the social development and integration. Our mission is to ensure sustainable community development by creating opportunities for quality engagement of civil society, advancing learning opportunities, and active involvement of young people and other citizens.

Culture Goes Europe (CGE)

Culture Goes Europe (CGE) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization run by young professionals, who design, implement and evaluate local and international youth projects.

CGE has more than ten years of experience creating educational concepts, that allow participants to develop a self-defined strategy of learning in the framework of non-formal education.

We believe in the importance and fundamental imperative of equal opportunities for all, independent from national, social or personal backgrounds. We work towards open and peaceful societies in Thuringia, Germany, Europe and beyond that promote a diversity of thought, Human Rights and civic engagement.

To promote these values, CGE provides a variety of educational opportunities and programs that bring together young people, adults and experts from across Europe to share and discuss their experiences and opinions. We aim to encourage a mutual understanding that transcends national borders, social backgrounds and personal affiliations and work towards a shared identity as engaged citizens of Europe and the world at large.


Fryshuset is a Swedish foundation, whose vision is based on the conviction that encouragement, confidence, responsibility and understanding are necessary to enable young people to develop their innate abilities and find their way into society. Fryshuset has 35 years’ experience in working with mobilising positive forces in young people, especially those in marginalised environments. Thereby, Fryshuset is a significant force to social change in Sweden.

Mladinski Center BIT (MC BIT)

Mladinski Center BIT is the first youth centre in the Bela Krajina region (SE Slovenia) established by the end of 2004 by the two most active youth associations in the area (MKK-Youth Cultural Club, KBS-Students' Society of Bela Krajina). The main target group are young people between 15 and 30 years of age. Special attention is dedicated to young people with fewer opportunities, especially those with social, economic and educational barriers.

MC BIT's vision is to create a team that will efficiently work towards the fulfilment of young people's needs and will consequently encourage youngsters to identify with the values of the organisation.

The mission is to prepare and coordinate programs and projects that enable young people spending their spare time creatively, fulfilling their educational, expert, cultural and artistic needs.

MOJU- Associação Movimento Juvenil em Olhão

MOJU – Associação Movimento Juvenil emOlhão is a Portuguese youth organisation which works at the local level, is a non-profit making, and independent of all political, syndicalism or religious affiliation. MOJU aims to contribute to the development of a space where young people can express their opinions and participate in decision processes actively and sustainably. We believe that youth involvement in the development of active participation in society is essential to increase the feeling of belonging and to promote a better quality of life of youngsters in their communities.

Open Youth Centre of Sauga (Sauga ANK)

The open youth centre of Sauga provides different free-time and non-formal educational activities for young people to acquire new skills and knowledge according to their age and interests. Together with a trained youth group, Sauga ANK develops and organises various local projects and events for young people all over the country.

Organising Bureau of European School Students unions (OBESSU)

The Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions (OBESSU) is the platform for cooperation between the national school student unions active in general secondary and secondary vocational education in Europe. It was founded in April 1975 in Dublin, Ireland and brings together Member, Candidate and Affiliate Organisations from all over Europe. All Member Organisations are independent, national, representative, and democratic school student organisations.

United Societies of Balkans (USB)

United Societies of Balkans (USB) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation based in Thessaloniki, Greece working in the field of youth, human rights and intercultural dialogue. It was founded in 2008 by the inception of a group of active young people who wanted to address the social issues which affect the youngsters in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. The vision and aim of the organisation is the promotion of youth empowerment, participation in the economic and political life, youth mobility, voluntarism and human rights. In particular, USB attaches great importance to its human resources, as the evolution of the organisation is directly related to the evolution of the individuals within.

Youth for Exchange and Understanding (YEU)

Youth for Exchange and Understanding works to promote peace, understanding and cooperation between the young people of the world, in a spirit of respect for human rights.

Founded in Strasbourg in 1986 by a group of 120 young people from 11 different countries, today we are a member of the European Youth Forum which is the independent platform for INGYOs and NYCs in Europe. We have young people from over 30 countries from across Europe and Africa involved in our activities. As an international network, we are the representative body of our members in contacts with the institutions and partners in the youth field.

YEU uses non-formal education methods to increase tolerance and awareness between young people from different countries, cultures and traditions. Using a Global Education dimension and Intercultural Learning activities we promote a greater level of comprehension and active citizenship through the development of quality youth exchanges, seminars, conventions, meetings, study visits, training courses, and the production of Non Formal education resources.